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I'll do anything for these shoes.

I understand you gave me a credit card to make important purchases for college. I have been buying lots of supplies and I appreciate your generosity. Oh, you saw the purchase for a pair of shoes. These are just any shoes daddy, they are amazingly sexy shoes that I had to have! It's important for a girl to look good and feel good about herself. You want to see the shoes? Ok, wait here and I will show you. See, arenít they amazing? Donít you just love the way they hug my feet and accentuate my long legs? It looks like you do like these shoes because I can see something growing in your pants. I can help you with that you know. I can take care of that bulge and you can pay my credit card statement and let me keep these sexy shoes.

Drop those pants and come closer. Put your warm hands on my perky little titties and squeeze them. I bet you want me slobber all over your knob don't you daddy.
I can do more than that for you. I'll lie down and let you put that beautiful daddy dick inside me. I know you think these shoes are sexy so here they are right in front of you while you're fucking me. Do you like this? I do. You like having your little girl wear something sexy while you fuck her. I'm ready for your cum. If you don't want to leave your cum inside me then spray my ass with you spunk. Oh wow! What a huge load you gave me! I can tell you really liked this and so did I so what do you say to us going shopping together?

Date Added: 01/23/2013
Starring: Sarah Shevon
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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