I had to use your shower.  |  (Random)

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I had to use your shower.

Your son did something gross in the hall bathroom so I hope you don't mind that I had a shower in your and my mom's bathroom. I thought I would be out of here before you came home from work. You probably shouldn't see me dressed in only a towel. Truth is I'm kind of glad you are seeing me this way and I'm glad we're the only ones home. I think I've developed a thing for older men. I see the way you treat my mom ever since you two married. I want to be treated the same way. You are really nice to her. Will you be my first experience with an older man? It's not so wrong since you're only my stepfather. We have just enough time before the rest of the family gets home. What do you say Dad, wanna fool around with a much younger woman?

Date Added: 12/28/2013
Starring: Lilly Banks
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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