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Will you take sexy pictures of me?

I really need to talk with someone. My boyfriend just broke up with me and I am so upset. He said he broke up with me because I am too conservative in the way I dress and he likes to have a woman who looks sexy. You're a really nice step dad who is also really good looking, so what do you think of the reason why he broke up with me? I can be pretty and sexy. Hey, I have a great idea! Will you take some sexy pictures of me so I can post them to my social networks and my now ex boyfriend will see them and see what he gave up? Ok great, I'll go change into something much sexier. Thanks for doing this favor dad. You really are the best for understanding my situation. Hey, I see something. Topic change and why don't I get a little closer. Oh my, you are excited. This is very flattering. Let me taste you. I need to know I still can satisfy a man. Will you be that man for me right now? I won't tell my mom, of course not. Oh god you feel so good. Can I ride you and get my little pussy off? You can cum on me. Oh wow what a big load! Oh hey, grab your camera and take some pictures of me with your cum all over me. This will for sure make my ex feel like an idiot for breaking up with me. I'm so glad you helped me with this problem and looks like I helped you relieve some tension. You had better change these sheets before mom gets home or she will know some nastiness happened while she was out.

Date Added: 03/13/2013
Starring: KiKi Vidis
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 21 mins

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