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I wanna touch it and watch it get big.

I am jealous my mom is married to such a cute man, my stepdad. One of my girlfriends suggested I fake being sick so I can stay home from college today with him and have him all to myself... Hi Daddy, I think I ate way to much candy and need to stay home from college today. Since you work from home I can keep you company today. You know, I hear you and my mom screwing. You two get really loud, it makes me jealous. Let me see how big you are, please. Pull it out and touch it, I want to see it get hard. Can I touch it? Can I lick it? You taste really good and I like how smooth it is in my mouth. Suck on my titties like you do to mommies. If I open my legs will you lick my little pussy too? Oh yes, I like that so much. Fuck me like you do my mom. You want doggystyle first? That's my favorite. I want to climb on top of you and ride your smooth cock. I'm such a dirty slut daughter for fucking you while mom is at work. Are you ready to cum? Lie on top of me and do it to me until you have to cum. Will you show me your cum daddy? Shoot your load all over my little belly. I liked staying home with you, remember Mom can't know we did this. That would be bad.

Date Added: 05/08/2012
Starring: Chastity Lynn
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 13 mins

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