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I would love to make you feel better.

I heard about your recent break up. You know, you're a good looking guy with a lot of great things happening in you life. Don't let this break up, break you. You've heard the advice of the best way to get over someone is to get under someone? Just because you're a dad doesn't mean you aren't attractive to younger women. There are a lot of women my age that are tired of the drama of young... more

Date Added: 04/23/2019
Starring: Ashley Lane
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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After hours fun.

Being a designated driver has its benefits. Such as I know exactly who I brought home tonight to fuck. I saw you checking me out all night long. I was looking at you and here we are. My pussy is so hot wanting to get filled with your cock. You will have to help me out of this dress if you want to get laid anytime soon. I've been so horny I plan to fuck you most of the night. I can see by... more

Date Added: 04/20/2019
Starring: Claudia Valentine
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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You know what time it is.

I always have a certain glow when I'm ovulating. It's my body's way of sending a signal that I am fertile and ready to be impregnated. I know you've been wanting to knock me up. We talk about it all the time. I really think this is the time it's going to take. I have a special feeling you're going to fill me up with super sperm and I will grow us a beautiful baby. I can see that sweet... more

Date Added: 04/17/2019
Starring: Nora Ivy
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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I'm just gonna go for it.

It's really too bad my sister can't see all the great things I see in you. I mean, she kind of blows you off on a regular basis. Doesn't that kind of treatment bother you? If I were your girlfriend you wouldn't ever have to wonder where I was. In fact, I would treat you so good, better than my sister ever has. I may look young but I am legal and I definitely know how a man should be... more

Date Added: 04/14/2019
Starring: Anastasia Knight
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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Will you be my sex teacher?

I chose you carefully after hearing some talk around town. You seem to be the one a lot of my friends have gone to for sex ed outside of school. I have such a hard time talking to guys my own age. College guys don't want to talk anyway, they just want to get laid. If I'm going to put out, I at least want to be skilled at it. Word spreads fast on campus when someone sucks at sex and I don't... more

Date Added: 04/11/2019
Starring: Vienna Rose
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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