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I'll do anything for these shoes.

I think my mom is jealous.

Your private cum dumpster.

Do you want to play the game again?

Are you getting any?

I am a better version of her.

I like being a bad girl.

Step Daddy, I hate girl school!

I want you to like my boobs too.

Do you have an itch to scratch?

I'm happy to take moms place.

I'll be your baby maker.

Girls have fantasies too.

We are in this together.

I hate when we're apart

I wanna touch it and watch it get big.

What does it take to be your favorite?

I can be such a naughty girl.

Will you show me the difference?

Do you like my slutty outfit dad?

Is this outfit parent approved?

Skipping church has its benefits.

You have a lot of patience to wait for me.

I want an older man like you.

Does a hairy pussy turn you on?

We don't have to wait.

Do I look cute for you?

Will you take sexy pictures of me?

I wish I were my mom.

This is long overdue.

Make me your dinner date.

We're home alone, hint hint.

I always appreciate you.

It's time to give it up.

My boobs are too big for this shirt.

I had to use your shower.

Help educate me.

Practice makes perfect

I told my best friend about us.

Why are you giving me a vibrator?

We can have a secret arrangement.

Do you think I'm cute?

Let me be your slut.

This dick needs some attention.

You care about me.

I'll prove I'm not a cock tease.

Can I be slutty with you?

Whats the trick to sex?

Is this hot, or not?

Breakfast in bed.

Will you help me feel better?

Do I need to change?

You should delete my dirty pictures

I think I'm ready for sex with you.

We should keep it in the family.

I could use an increased income.

I can be your new girlfriend.

He is hotter than my stepdad.

I have become obsessed.

I can make your fantasy a reality.