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Are you going to prove it?

We have to be super quiet.

We don't have to wait.

I would like an apartment.

Let's check sex off the list.

I've outgrown this promise ring.

I can make your fantasy a reality.

I could be as dirty as you.

Get to work on me not the yard.

Can this be extra credit?

Are you sure about this?

Can you keep a promise?

I am better than my twin sister.

Do I need to change?

I know exactly what to do.

We can go to the next step.

I'm just gonna go for it.

It's time you lived a little

This is what I want

I want my turn with you.

I think I should be your warm up.

I can be such a naughty girl.

I do more than just clean.

Co-ed dorms are the best.

You should break up with her.

I like being a bad girl.

My parents are upstairs.

A first time for everything.

You're a perfect sperm donor.

Is this hot, or not?

Make me your dinner date.

It is time for repayment.

I skipped class for this.

We should keep it in the family.

This is the most boring vacation.

This is the universal language.

He should never find out.

Lets have our own party.

Summer camp can be fun!

I have a thing for DILFS.

You made my day so much better.

It's time we do this.

I can do it. I am eighteen.

We cannot tell my boyfriend about this.

My sister is so yesterday.

You are the nicest neighbor.

I am so happy to see you again.

Can I get the same deal?

I need a good revenge fuck.

This is a big decision.

It's time to give it up.

We have the whole house

Should we know each other better?

I'm so horny and happy you're here.

Can I be slutty with you?

You are so hot, for an older guy.

I like a man who works hard.

I need naughty sex.

I know you want it

We could make the most of it.

Will you be my bad boy?

You really are the best coach.

I can't believe you waited!

You could do double duty

I will do things your wife won't do

I think my mom is jealous.

I like to just go for it.

You are the hottest Professor.

We should christen your new bed.

I crave a fat cock like yours.

Lets use their bed.

Why are you a virgin?

Can you lend some body heat?

What I wouldn't do for an apple.

You know I like being slightly naughty.

I've kind of been sheltered.

This is my first time doing anal.

I wish I were my mom.

I am a better version of her.

I can help with your frustration.

Older men know what to do.

Your private cum dumpster.

I am not monogamous.

I'm staying a virgin.

It's great being grown up.

I've heard you get around.

Are you into younger women?

Ashlyn's first time

He is hotter than my stepdad.

Can you believe this is happening?

I can be sexy, I think.

This is not the best place for sex.

No more boring game nights

Will you show me the difference?

You're so big and bulgy.

Turn chill into a thrill.

We can do more than eye fuck.

Will you be my sex teacher?

Do you think I'm cute?

Girls have fantasies too.

I have wondered about an older man.

Stop being so shy.

I am used to getting my way.

Do you like my scent?

Please don't tell on me.

You're more than hired help.

Make me feel like a bad girl.

Sex with him for sleep-aid.

I've always wanted to do stuff with you.

You're her #1 boyfriend.

Why are you giving me a vibrator?

I can make your body feel better.

You are such a nice man.

Please come back home.

You should sleep around a bit.

I dare you to show me.

I would always treat you right.

We can relieve the boredom.

This is what friends are for.

You're better than my boyfriend.

I admit I'm a huge slut!

Is this the way I give you my virginity?

I am more than book smart.

When will you leave your wife?

Do you coach everyone this way

Skipping church has its benefits.

You could show me.

This has to be a quick bang.

This girl has the hots for you.

I can't help myself.

Can you give me an orgasm?

You're the hottest older man.

This could be a regular thing.

I will miss you so much!

I am not a thief.

I can tell you like me.

Third date is the charm.

Porn star tryouts.

I'm still your friend.

I've been holding this in.

Sex over school today.

Do I look cute for you?

I saw your sex tape.

Will you help me feel better?

I think we have some time to play.

I could really use your opinion.

Your girlfriend can not find out.

How long can we keep doing this?

Help make this night better.

You mind if I suck it?

Does this make me bad?

If I was your girlfriend...

You're so hard for me.

What would I do without you?

You are still in the friend zone.

No one fucks me as good as you.

Your mom is a b word.

Are you sure your wife is asleep?

Guys make me nervous.

We should hurry.

I said you would be rewarded.

My sister is a ho.

Can I please have it again?

I'm a dirty dancer

I need some help in anatomy, Professor.

Just this one time is all.

You always have such good advice.

I offer to take your virginity.

I am fucking horny.

I have become obsessed.

You sneak pictures of me.

You care about me.

I'm a dirty little nymph.

Good thing she's a lightweight.

Practice makes perfect

Do you want to play with my pussy?

You are such a shy guy.

You should not think that way.

We can not let her know.